California's Seaweed Herbarium

Chris Higgins
YouTube / KQEDscience
YouTube / KQEDscience / YouTube / KQEDscience

In this seven-minute video, seaweed expert Kathy Ann Miller, PhD, takes us on a tour of the seaweed portion the Herbarium at the University of California, Berkeley -- and also the beaches where the seaweed is collected. Now, I'll level with you: seaweed may not sound cool to your average cat-video-clicker online. But I found this to be a fascinating tour of a topic I knew little about.

Miller and her students are digitizing 400 or more specimens each day; they make high-resolution digital photos and add the seaweed specimens to a database. They're cataloging seaweeds along the west coast of the US, including tracking invasive species.

Want to see some beautiful seaweed? Check this out: