Ninja Waiters Are the Toughest to Track Down

These are the 10 geekiest restaurants of all time. If I don’t get to Ninja New York the next time I’m in town, then what is this life for, really?


I Need to Call My Mom

This video of Stephen Colbert paying tribute to his late mother is just amazing.


James Gandolfini Was An Apartment Gypsy

Long before he was Tony Soprano, he was featured in this NY Times article about Big Apple dwelling nomads.


Our 8-8-8’s Are Way Off

Lifehacker investigates the “standard” 8-hour work day and why it should change.


See Live the Sea Life

Add the ocean floor to the list of things you can now live-stream.


Book Your Weirdo Vacation Now

If your family is too morose for Mickey Mouse, maybe they’ll enjoy Dracula Land instead.


The Bots Fought

And we should never forget. People that watched Battle Bots will enjoy this brief history.