The Weird Week in Review

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Animal Clinic of Regina
Animal Clinic of Regina / Animal Clinic of Regina

Six Squirrels Separated

Six young squirrels whose tails had become fused together were brought in to the Animal Clinic of Regina in Saskatchewan. Veterinarian Dr. Steven Kruzeniski said the condition, known as squirrel king, was rare, but he'd seen a case before.

This particular group of six were nesting near a pine tree and sap fused their tails together. A city of Regina worker found the young squirrels and brought them to the clinic.

The animals were sedated and the veterinarian team worked to untangle the mess of tails. Their tails were then shaved of the matted fur and they were given antibiotics to prevent infection.

Dr. Kruzeniski says the young squirrels were lucky to keep their tails as in some more extreme cases they have to be amputated.

After they were deemed healthy, the squirrels were released back into the city park.

Tree Top Toilets

A subdivision just outside of Austin, Arkansas is in a tizzy about one neighbor who installed two toilets on poles high above the fence and signs that say "Trailer Park Coming Soon." Some residents complain that it has affected their property values. The local sheriff says there is some kind of dispute between the property owner and a developer who is building new homes adjacent to the property, but he did not know the particulars. However, the neighborhood is just outside of the city limits, and there are no laws against toilets in the trees. Neither the owner of the toilets nor the property developer would make a statement for the press.

Sheep-eating Plant Ready to Bloom

The Royal Horticultural Society in Surrey, England, announced that its specimen of the plant Puya chilensis is ready to bloom, after being cultivated for 15 years. The flower is expected to last about a week once it blossoms in a few days. The Chilean plant is not as innocuous as it appears at first glance. In its natural habitat in the Andes mountains, sheep and other animals will become trapped in the plant's sharp spines and starve to death, and when they decay, they fertilize the base of the plant. The RHS uses liquid fertilizer, as "feeding it on its natural diet might prove a bit problematic," according to horticulturalist Cara Smith. If you are in Surrey, please keep your sheep away from the greenhouse for the next couple of weeks.

The Cat Burglar of Ipswich

Theo, a part-Siamese cat in Ipswich, England, is a kleptomaniac, although he would probably describe himself as a "collector." Paul Edwards and girlfriend Rachael Drouet began noticing things around the house that they did not own. First it was cat toys, but the cat's activities quickly escalated.

"We've had things like muslin cloths, fluffy pens, a USB phone charger cable, a child's piece of art which they'd obviously spent most of the morning making - a glorious thing with lots of different colour feathers and leaves stuck to it, lots of things.

"We've got some other neighbours who have young children and quite like the cat so [they] had encouraged him into the house.

"He started stealing things from them and it kind of went downhill from there."

Edwards says his neighbors are mostly understanding, and he has set up a Facebook page to post the stolen items and reunite them with their owners.

Drunken Dentist Pulls Tooth

An unnamed dentist in Radomsko, Poland, was supposed to give the patient a crown, but ended up pulling his front tooth instead. The 28-year-old patient began to suspect the dentist was drunk when he was jabbed five times to be anesthetized. Then he saw his front tooth in the garbage bin. The patient demanded his dental records, and the dentist then threw him out. Police responded to the incident, and took a blood test that showed the dentist was indeed intoxicated. Charges are being prepared against the dentist.

Police Foil Bizarre KKK Radiation Weapon Plot

The FBI has arrested Glendon Scott Crawford and Eric J. Feight of New York State for trying to market a radiation-emitting weapon. Crawford, a member of the KKK, strangely attempted to sell the weapon to Jewish groups and synagogues as "a type of technology that could be used by Israel to defeat its enemies." An individual from one synagogue contacted police, which started an investigation from the Joint Terrorism Task Force. Authorities say that the weapon was not fully constructed and Crawford had no radiation source, but he had components such as a remote triggering device. Crawford had recruited Feight to help him manufacture and test the weapon.