John Hodgman's RAGNAROK Now on Netflix

Netflix / Netflix

Need an hour of comedy about the end of the world? John Hodgman, a former mental_floss cover model and company fridge occupier, has just released his comedy special John Hodgman: RAGNAROK as a Netflix exclusive. If you're a Netflix subscriber, you just go there and enjoy it. (If you're not, no end-times jokes for you, buster!)

Filmed on December 21, 2012, on the day the world Hodgman had carefully calculated that the world would end, RAGNAROK is the final stage performance of Hodgman's "That is All" tour, and it's worth your time. Don't let the jars of "urine" and "survival mayonnaise" stacked behind Hodgman in the background put you off -- they're only for emergencies. All in all, this is both smart and funny, and come on -- it's Hodgman. You know you're among nerdy friends when watching this.

Here's the trailer:

Now get watching, before the Omega Pulse renders our Netflix receivers unusable!

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