Roadside Trivia!

By Editorial Staff

New semi-regular feature! We're part of the Fiesta Movement, which means we'll be going on monthly missions in our brand new 2014 Ford Fiesta and reporting back. But we'll also be pulling off the road to take a few pictures and give you guys a chance to win some mental_floss prizes! 

What You're Playing For: The Mental Floss History of the United States and the t-shirt of your choice

How to Enter: Email your answer to The first person with the correct response wins. PLUS two other people chosen at random (so if you don't see this post until tomorrow, you can still play!)

The Question: This photo was taken at the birthplace of a former president. The only former president who, in his previous job, personally carried out hanging sentences. Which president are we talking about?

Good luck! We'll be back with another question later today.