The Logic of Time Travel Can Get Pretty Trippy

Kirstin Fawcett
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Time travel is a common theme in fiction—but writers, artists, and designers all have different ideas of what moving between different points in history would look like, and how these journeys would affect both the traveler and those they encounter. Minute Physics' video below explores the distinctions between time travel as presented in the book Ender's Game, movies like Planet of the Apes and Back to the Future, and the video game Braid, among others.

In Ender’s Game, for example, characters simply experience a slower passage of time while traveling, and the regular world progresses as normal. This means they can't change the past, or influence other characters to make time-altering decisions. This is a far cry from Back to the Future, in which teen Marty McFly nearly prevents his own birth by interfering in his parents' romance.

Get up to speed with the trippiness by watching the Minute Physics video below.

[h/t Futurism]