Phil Hartman's SNL Bloopers

Chris Higgins
YouTube / YouTube

I miss Phil Hartman. Here's a small collection of Hartman breaking character, cracking up, and otherwise messing up on Saturday Night Live. My favorite line? "F*** it, it's dress!" (Referring to the first skit being a dress rehearsal.) Enjoy.

And here, Hartman can't quite hang on to his Frankenstein's Monster character:

If that's not enough Hartman for you, enjoy this eleven-minute interview-slash-comedy routine with David Letterman -- blooper-free, but a ton of fun. "...It's a drawn-on mustache, Dave. It's kind of a retro look." Also, an explanation of Phil's "Egg Latin." (Aside from the below, here's another Hartman/Letterman appearance.)

And, okay, one more. A bunch of Troy McClure scenes from The Simpsons: