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Celebrating Gilda

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If life was fairer, today we'd be celebrating Gilda Radner's birthday. Sadly, the utterly hilarious comedian died in 1989 of ovarian cancer. Radner gained fame on Saturday Night Live, and while many of her best-known moments—dancing with Steve Martin, for example—aren't available online, here is a smattering of Radner's brilliance. Happy Birthday, Gilda.

Roseanne Roseannadanna

Radner based this brash character on Rose Ann Scamardella, a former NYC anchorwoman.

Let's Talk Dirty to the Animals

From her 1979 special "Gilda Radner - Live From New York," this racy song clearly delighted audiences. Language is NSFW—and for kids' ears.

Emily Litella

In the late 1970s, this character, an elderly woman, appeared regularly on SNL's Weekend Update segment.

Baba Wawa

Gilda's famous Barbara Walter's impression didn't sit too well with the famous news anchor at first.

The National Lampoon Radio Hour

Gilda joined Bill Murray on this Christmas episode of the comedy radio show.

The Muppet Show

Gilda worked with Muppets in 1978 in a cleaned-up version of her sometimes-racy acts.