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The Weird Week in Review

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"Weed Man" Arrested for Stabbing "Beer Man"

Two well-known New York panhandlers got into a fight last Friday night in Times Square. Joshua Long, known as "Weed Man" (because he holds a sign saying "I need money for weed") was arrested for stabbing Wayne Semancik, or "Beer Man" (who holds a sign saying "I need beer") with a pen. The two are said to have had a turf dispute, which escalated when Long spit at Semancik. Semancik said he sustained five stab wounds to his face. Police also talked to street artists dressed as Predator and Alien about the fight.

Dry Lips Lead to Sticky Situation

Countless stories have taught us that people who use eyedrops should never keep superglue on the nightstand. But no one should keep superglue on the nightstand. A 64-year-old woman in Dunedin, New Zealand, called emergency services Thursday night, but could not tell them what was wrong.

"Ambulance received a call, but due to the muffled speech ... they were unsure whether it was a medical event or whether someone had been gagged," Senior Sergeant Steve Aitken said.

"Basically, she could only grunt."

Ambulance staff called the police, who went to the woman's home and found that she had mistakenly applied super-glue to her lips instead of her normal medication.

The woman panicked because the glued lips impeded her breathing. She was taken to a hospital and later released.

Burglar Caught Sleeping on the Job

A man in Hazel Park, Michigan called police to investigate his elderly neighbor's home because she never leaves her garage door open. Police arrived and found 37-year-old William Goad asleep inside the car parked in the garage. Items from the garage had been piled into a wheelbarrow next to the car, leading police to believe it was a burglary in progress. There was also damage to the car's ignition. Police woke up Goad, who apparently fell asleep mid-crime, and arrested him.

Crash Covers Dog in Paint

An unnamed man was driving home with several buckets of paint in his car when he lost control of his SUV in Mason County, Washington. The vehicle left the road and crashed, sending paint flying. The man, his dog,and the interior of the car were covered in paint! The driver was taken to a hospital with minor injuries. Washington State Patrol trooper Russ Winger and a local firefighter found a nearby resident who gave them shampoo and let them hose off the dog. The dog was taken to the Humane Society until his owner can pick him up.

Championship Parade is an Obstacle Course

The Miami Heat were feted in a parade in downtown Miami Monday after winning the NBA Championship last weekend. The team was driven in a double-decker bus, and they sat on top so everyone could see them. However, parade planners failed to account for the fact that most players are 6'8" or taller, and that Miami streets have overpass bridges across them. The players were recorded on video doing multiple "dunks" to avoid the obstacles. No injuries were reported.

Carjacker Foiled by HIs Own Walker

A 64-year-old man in Geelong, Victoria, Australia, was arrested soon after his carjacking victim called police. He couldn't make a fast getaway because it took him too much time to load his walker into the stolen car!

Police allege the senior from Queensland had bought a knife from the shopping centre's Kmart store and approached a 22-year-old female as she prepared to drive out of the carpark.

Geelong Senior-Constable Paul Mitchell said the victim wound down her window and the man held the knife to her throat, demanding she give him the vehicle. After putting his walker in the car, the man drove a short distance before getting out to load in other bags.

The unnamed suspect is charged with one count of armed robbery.