What's in Your Cup of Coffee?

Chris Higgins
YouTue / Wired
YouTue / Wired / YouTue / Wired

Have you ever wondered what gives coffee its distinctive odor? How about those chemicals in coffee that aren't caffeine -- what are they, and what do they do? In this super-short video from Wired, we get a breakdown of what's in a typical cup of coffee...and why good things sometimes come in small doses.

If you like your data in old-fashioned "written" form, check out this Wired page, which conveys roughly the same info. For instance:

Putrescine Ever wonder what makes spoiled meat so poisonous? Here you go. Ptomaines like putrescine are produced when E. coli bacteria in the meat break down amino acids. Naturally present in coffee beans, it smells, as you might guess from the name, like Satan's outhouse.