What Our Views Would Look Like If The Earth Had Rings

Jill Harness
Ron Miller
Ron Miller / Ron Miller

Most of us are amazed when we see the rings of Saturn, but what would we see if our own planet had similar rings? Ron Miller of io9 created a number of illustrations based on the concept of the Earth having rings that are the same size and shape as proportional to Saturn and the results are simply stunning. In fact, the images might just make you wish we could trade in our boring old moon for a set of rings.

At top is a theoretical view of what Guatemala's skyline would look like with the rings. If you were just a little bit south, at the equator in Ecuador though, all you would see is a line.

On the other hand, if you headed to the Arctic circle, you would barely see any of the rings hovering over the landscape of Alaska.

Don't miss the chance to see even more of these stunning images over at io9.