Celine Dion Goofing Around

Maureen Monahan
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Celine Dion, the Québécoise songstress beloved by her native Canada and the world over, is most famous for her deeply emotional performances. But when she’s not belting out ballads like the 1997 Oscar winner for Best Original Song, “My Heart Will Go On,” she likes to joke around.

She goofs around backstage.

For an episode of the German entertainment show Wetten Dass?!, Celine showed off her multitasking skills, happily gargling the lyrics to “My Heart Will Go On.”

Around the 1:00 mark, you can see her improvise songs using the entries in phonebooks.

In 2004, Celine and Ellen DeGeneres compared vocal warm-up techniques—in a bathroom.

She showed some acting chops while playing along in a sketch with Rosie O’Donnell for the 1999 Grammys.