Rock Solid Art

Andrea Bergart is a street artist. Literally, in that her paintings drive down the street. Check out this awesome video of her approach to painting ... cement trucks.


Where’s Your Head At?

Answer: It might be on someone else’s body, because human head transplants are now possible.


For Anyone That’s Ever Flown

You will enjoy this highly sarcastic, slightly passive-aggressive complaint letter.


Oh, Now I Get It

Bob Mankoff edits the cartoons for the New Yorker, so he can explain exactly what they are.


Super and Not-So-Super Powers

This diagram captures the powers of 600 different superheroes. Some of these won’t scare many bad guys.


Civil Wars Scams

A handful of people over the years have claimed to be the oldest surviving Civil War vet, and a number have been disproven.


That Doesn’t Look Good On A Marquee

Check out this list of the dumbest band names in rock history (Contains NSFW Language). This list isn’t comprehensive though. My father, who worked in radio for more than three decades, would also argue that there’s nothing dumber than having to introduce a song by a band called The The.

What other awful band names were left out?