Super-Powered Telescope Will Let You Stargaze Like Never Before

Shaunacy Ferro
Unistellar /

In a world overrun by light pollution, being a backyard stargazer is no easy thing. According to one astronomer who spoke to Mental Floss, a single streetlight can knock out your darkness-adapted night vision for 20 minutes. And most backyard telescopes are hard to use and not all that powerful. A new company aims to change that with a telescope that’s 100 times more powerful than traditional consumer models, according to Travel + Leisure.

The Unistellar eVscope is not just powerful, but does some of the legwork that amateur astronomers might struggle with. The smart telescope—still in the prototype phase—has a GPS and internal sensors and maps that align the viewfinder for you and can be controlled with your smartphone, so you can see exactly the object you’re looking for without searching all across the night sky. Its inventors say the instrument can show you objects millions of light-years away in vivid detail. According to the Kickstarter video, you can even see far-off nebulae in full color.

Granted, you'll have to shell out big bucks for the view. You can get it for $1500 on Kickstarter now, or wait until it starts shipping in November 2018 and pay $2000. Celestial awe doesn't come cheap.

[h/t Travel + Leisure]