Painting With Sparklers

I know you have sparklers lying around that you’re not thrilled to use today. So why not use them instead to create some really amazing photographs?


If You Buy American

If you’re a U.S. consumer, you’ll likely recognize each of the jingles jammed into this quick ditty.


As American As Spam

Unfortunately, the junk mail seems to be more quintessentially American these days than the canned meat product. And spam mail continues to evolve to try to find its mark.


That Museum Is Really Moving

No, seriously, it’s REALLY moving.


Thank You Caesar Rodney

Even though nobody remembers you or these other completely ignored founding fathers.


The British Village That Loves Independence Day

Warton, Lancashire always joins in the celebration.


Joe Jackson Wasn’t Alone

Some of these other athletes had interesting shoeless moments also.


Isn’t It Ironic?

I have an English degree and I’m still not 100 percent sure if some of these photographs can be defined as irony.


Where Are They Now: Ricky Bobby Edition

On America’s big day let’s find out what happened to one of America’s biggest (fictional) sports heros.

And if you haven’t gotten enough Will Ferrell, here’s his famous impression of Harry Caray mixed with one of this year’s most famous songs.