11 Things That Are Usually Steals on Black Friday

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If you're a big shopper, or even if you're just good at planning out your holiday shopping well in advance, you've likely blocked off Black Friday as a prime day for getting items marked off your wish lists. And if you want to maximize your savings, you know to plan ahead. Some items, from TVs to video games to wearables, are typically the ones with the biggest annual markdowns. To help ensure that you get the best deals, here are 11 of the best things to buy on Black Friday.

1. TVS

Woman shops for TVs.
Woman shops for TVs. / iStock

Electronics are a big part of Black Friday, and dedicated shoppers are known to camp out in front of stores for the doorbusters. Electronics stores like Best Buy and discount retailers like Target and Walmart are the major destinations for deals on gadgets, and flat screen TVs are one of the most sought-after items. In fact, according to a 2017 survey by Ebates on Black Friday shopping, 33 percent of adult Americans plan to shop for TVs on Black Friday. One incredible deal? This year, Best Buy is selling the Sharp 50" LED Smart Ultra HD TV for $179.99, down from $499.99. Heads up: this deal is in-store only.


Man shopping for a phone.
Man shopping for a phone. / iStock

Considering how expensive Apple products are, it's no surprise that iPhones are always a popular buy on Black Friday. It's the perfect time of to upgrade yours. You won't be alone: according to the Ebates survey, 28 percent of adults will buy smartphones this November 24. Target has the iPhone SE marked down from $159.99 to $99.99. It's not just iPhones, though! You can save on other smartphones, like the Samsung Galaxy S7, which Walmart is selling for $299 with a Straight Talk Wireless plan—a savings of $200.


Woman testing a laptop at a store.
Woman testing a laptop at a store. / iStock

Expect a ton of deals on Macs and PCs alike. Best Buy's 2017 Black Friday ad features discounts on laptops from Apple, Samsung, Dell, Lenovo, HP, and more. This year, Ebates found that 32 percent of adults intend to take advantage of the deals on laptops, as well as 38 percent of teens. If you know you're gonna need a new laptop for next semester, buy it now for some strategic savings.


Rack of clothing.
Rack of clothing. / iStock

Despite the flashy deals on electronics, clothing is actually the number one item that Americans will purchase this Black Friday. According to Ebates, 39 percent of adults and 49 percent for teens plan to buy clothes on the big day. Many retailers run store-wide discounts, so you can effectively go on a regular shopping trip (albeit in a more crowded environment than usual) while saving a ton of money. Look out for deals on featured items from stores like JCPenney and Macy's, but know that prices on clothing will typically continue to go down through December, even though the risk of those boots you have your eye on going out-of-stock will also increase.


Mother and child toy shopping.
Mother and child toy shopping. / iStock

Black Friday is a great time to do your holiday gift shopping, and you can save a lot of money on toys for the kids in your life. Ebates found that 30 percent of Americans plan to buy toys this year. Retailers Babies "R" Us and Toys "R" Us always have Black Friday promotions, like 50 percent off select Barbie sets and 40 percent off select LEGO construction sets. You can also find great presents in the toy aisles of stores Target, Walmart, and Kohl's.


Row of hand mixer kitchen appliances.
Row of hand mixer kitchen appliances. / iStock

Department stores and discount retailers offer a range of deals on appliances, especially kitchen gadgets. Think toasters, coffee makers, blenders, microwaves, and more. Take advantage of the better sales and stock your kitchen with the basics, or search for novelty items, such as Walmart's offering of a 1.5 liter deep-fryer for $9.88—a 60 percent savings. Try to look for discounts over 40 or 50 percent though—many items priced at the 25-30 percent off range aren't worth the effort on a shopping day like Black Friday.


Man looks at smart tablet.
Man looks at smart tablet. / iStock

Like laptops and smartphones, tablets are a major steal on Black Friday. Look for price drops on the Apple iPad, the Amazon Fire, and the Samsung Galaxy Tab. Best Buy has the Apple iPad mini 4 128 GB for $274.99 (down from $400). And don't forget about e-readers like the Amazon Kindle! Amazon's own Black Friday deals have already begun with their Countdown to Black Friday, but keep your eyes peeled on the actual day for deals on Amazon Devices.


Video game controllers.
Video game controllers. / iStock

Black Friday is huge for gamers. You can find serious deals at GameStop, Best Buy, and P.C. Richard, or discount retailers like Walmart and Target. Many places offer saving on otherwise expensive consoles like PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox. Best Buy has the Xbox One S 500GB Console for $189.99, a $90 savings. Don't forget the games themselves: at Walmart, select titles start at $9.


Smart home device.
Smart home device. / iStock

Black Friday is the perfect time to take the plunge into the world of smart home gadgets—you can expect to find markdowns on many devices including the Amazon Echo and Google Home. Target has the Amazon Echo Dot for $29.99, a savings of $20. Head to Walmart to get a Google Home for $79 (down from $129).


Woman looking at her smart watch.
Woman looking at her smart watch. / iStock

Wearable technology is on the table too, with the chance to save on a variety of smart watches and fitness trackers. Target has the Apple Watch Series 1 for $179.99 (down from $250), while Walmart has the Fitbit Alta HR Small Bundle for 33 percent off, down to $99. Pro tip: wear a fitness tracker on Black Friday to see how many extra steps you fit in while running around finding deals.


Woman shopping for cameras.
Woman shopping for cameras. / iStock

Treat yourself to a real camera on Black Friday and stop relying on your phone for your photography needs. Deals on digital and analog cameras as well as camcorders are always plentiful. Save $70 on a pocket-sized Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX80 at Best Buy for $299.99, or go big with the Canon EOS Rebel T6. At $449.99, it might be one of the bigger Black Friday splurges, but at 40 percent off its original $750 price tag, it's also one of the day's biggest savings.