12 Colorful Z Words From the Dictionary of American Slang

Jason English

Want to spice up your vocabulary with a few colorful Z words from the first half of the 20th century? We've opened our copy of the Dictionary of American Slang (Harold Wentworth/Stuart Berg Flexner) all the way to the back.

1. Zib

A stupid person with unknown political or personal opinions; a nondescript nincompoop.

2. Zings, the

The unpleasant aftereffect of excessive drinking; a hangover; the shakes.

3. Zex!

A warning or command to cease an improper activity in order to avoid detection.

4. Zool

Anything attractive, well-made, or satisfying.

5. Zagger

A cheap watch. Jewelry salesman use.

6. Zizz or Zizzy


7. Ziggetty!

An exclamation similar to "hot diggity-dam!"

8. Zam

Short for examination.

9. Zoftig or Zaftig

Pleasantly plump and pretty.

10. Zoom

To get something without paying for it.

11. Zig-zag


12. Zig-zig

To have sexual intercourse.