10 Hotels With Very Specific Amenities

Enpundit / Enpundit

1. Breakfast with a giraffe

At Kenya's Giraffe Manor, breakfasts aren't continental—they're monumental! The property's eight Rothschild giraffes are known for hanging out on the grounds, popping in during morning and evening meals, and occasionally peeping in rooms.

2. A paraglider entrance

Six Senses

Guests at Six Senses Zighy Bay in Oman, two hours from Dubai International Airport, arrive in style. They paraglide to the resort! But don't worry, less adventurous guests can arrive by speedboat or car. Yawn.

3. A sleep concierge

The Benjamin

Some hotel pillows are too soft, some are too firm, but the sleep concierge at New York City's Benjamin Hotel will help you find one that's just right. The hotel offers a pillow menu catering to different sleeping habits, as well as sleep-inducing massages and bedtime snacks.

4. A room with a view


Chances are, you don't actually live in a bubble. So why not vacation in one? BubbleTree offers inflatable, transparent bubble lodging in eight locations across France. They're not recommended if you want any privacy whatsoever.

5. A human-sized hamster wheel

Guests at La Villa Hamster in Nantes, France can experience what life might be like as a rodent. Hamster masks are provided at check-in, and rooms come equipped with human-sized wheels, a haystack bed, and a bathroom full of wood chips (and a toilet).

6. A tanning butler

Getty Images

Nothing ruins a fancy beach vacation like a sunburn. Enter the roving tanning butlers at The Ritz-Carlton, South Beach in Miami. They offer hotel guests umbrellas, cover-ups, sunscreen, and tanning oil. Can't reach a spot? They'll rub it in for you.

7. Dog surfing lessons


Why should dogs have to ruff it on vacation? A number of hotels offer pet-friendly amenities, including comfy beds and complimentary dog treats. Loews Coronado Bay Resort in San Diego will take your pooch to the beach for a surfing lesson. After hanging 10, dogs enjoy a surf and turf meal and can even get a canine massage.

8. A recording studio

Geejam Hotel

Guests at Jamaica's Geejam Hotel can record a song if they're feeling musically inspired. Studio engineers explain the process and provide the beats and booth. But don't think it's strictly an amateur operation—Björk and the late Amy Winehouse have jammed at the Geejam.

9. A fishy roommate


Feeling lonely? Happy Guests Lodge in Cheshire, England rents out goldfish for visitors who'd like a roommate.

10. Fishwatching

Jules Undersea Lodge

Plans for luxurious underwater resorts are currently underway in Dubai and Fiji. Until then, travelers can scuba dive into Jules' Undersea Lodge in Key Largo, Florida, formerly a research laboratory studying the continental shelf. The air-conditioned dwelling includes just two suites with a shared common room and kitchen, in addition to a pool, phone, and TV you won't even think about turning on.