The Terrorist’s Housework

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed has been passing his time in jail by designing a new vacuum cleaner. And no, this is not a story from The Onion.


Buying Back Wounded Knee

Johnny Depp wants to purchase an historic piece of land and give it back to the Sioux tribe.


Clean Your House

It could save you from an atomic bomb. At least according to this 1954 film.


Pop A Password Pill

Do you forget your account passwords a lot? Then why not just take a daily pill that replaces all of your passwords by turning your body into a big password signal? That could happen.



This poodle is groomed and dyed to look just like the Simpson family. You have to see it to believe it.


Great American Stories

Make sure you listen to these 15 great episodes of This American Life. And, if I might add, our own Chris Higgins once did a great story on that program as well.


But, Heck, It Was 99 Cents

What does a dollar get you these days? A lot apparently.