Fictional Journalists

Erica Palan /

On Sunday night, HBO premiered the second season of The Newsroom, the fictional story of the behind-the-scenes events at a cable news channel. Like Murphy Brown before it, The Newsroom gives the average viewer a glimpse into the lives of journalists. Here, six of our favorite fictional journalists.

Murphy Brown

This famous investigative journalist and news anchor shattered the glass ceiling in the late '80s.

Kent Brockman

The Simpsons' newsman is grumpy, self-centered and opinionated.

Will McAvoy

The Newsroom's Will McAvoy is known for "not bothering anyone."

The Newsman

This ancillary Muppet character shares news flashes. Here's a collection of some of his funniest.

Lois Lane

This hard-hitting reporter worked alongside Clark Kent.

Ted Baxter

The Mary Tyler Moore Show took place in the newsroom of a Minneapolis TV news show.

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