Break Out the Sweaters and the Puddin’ Pops

The world is about to get the first new Bill Cosby stand-up comedy special in three decades.

BTW: I just remembered how much I miss Pudding Pops. I might have to make these.


That’s Not Fair

It’s rather foul that one fan at a major league game caught four foul balls during one game yesterday. You won’t believe how remote the odds of that happening are.


Mascot Massacre

Sports can be frustrating. Sometimes the easiest person to take out your frustration on is the weird, colorful, furry character with the gigantic head. I laughed really hard at most of these.



Telegrams many not actually stop STOP!


Has This Happened Before?

How science grapples with deja-vu.


Let’s Talk

TED wants to talk to you. You should really listen.


He’s Got 99 Problems

Jay-Z famously announced once that he has 99 problems. So what are they? These amusing illustrations answer that question.