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Erin McCarthy
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When I saw Pacific Rim last week, I was reminded of an earlier generation of heroes—teenagers who occasionally called upon giant, multi-pilot robots to fight against unearthly creatures and save the world (or at least Angel Grove) every single week. Here are a few great fight sequences from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

The Dinozords

Get a good look at the Rangers’ original dinozords before they combine into the Megazord.

Zords versus Cyclopsis

The original Rangers take on the Goldar-piloted Cyclopsis—with a little help from Dragonzord.

Enter the Dragonzord!

Rita Repulsa’s Green Ranger (Tommy! Under mind control) has a zord of his own, which eventually leads to an epic (and unembeddable) zord on zord battle. The horror!

Thunder Megazord Vs. Pirantishead

The Thunder Megazord’s very first battle, against a creature Alpha calls an “overgrown guppy.”

MegaDragonzord and the Ultrazord versus Mutitus and Lokar

Introducing the MegaTigerZord!

Comes with a totally sick theme song.

Zords versus a ton of Baddies

This battle doesn’t go so well for our beloved Power Rangers.

And just for fun…

The trailer for the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers movie (from 35mm, no less!). The ultimate adventure, indeed.