10 Minutes of Dominos Falling

Chris Higgins
YouTube / Sinners Domino Entertainment
YouTube / Sinners Domino Entertainment / YouTube / Sinners Domino Entertainment

Here's a fun way to spend ten minutes -- watch 275,000 dominos fall, including a world record for a spiral pattern. In an insanely elaborate setup, a group of domino masters in Germany puts on a series of set pieces on a gymnasium floor (my favorite, despite its relative tameness, was the bookshelf around 4:00 -- each shelf of book-dominos triggers the next one up via a small wire). A lot of it is corny (the domino renderings of Psy and the Nintendo-ish "sports" images), but the level of complexity here is stunning.

Part of the fun of watching this is seeing the things that almost work, but fail. It's frankly interesting to see that this is not flawless -- it's darn close, though. I won't spoil any of the things that fail, but I will say if you want to see grace under pressure, jump ahead to 6:40 and check out the kid stacking dominos, live, in the middle of the performance. And for some reason he's pulling them out of an aquarium. Anyway, ten minutes of continuous domino magic:

This group has been at it for years. Read up on last year's event which featured a comparably tame 125,000 dominos.