The Weird Week in Review

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Better Palm Reading Through Plastic Surgery

If a palm reader told you your future is dim because of the lines in your hand, you can change it. Your hand, that is, not necessarily your future. Japanese plastic surgeon Dr. Takaaki Matsuoka has a booming practice in changing the lines on palms. Dr. Matsuoka uses an electric scalpel to lengthen or add lines as requested, a procedure that takes 15 minutes and costs $1,000. There is no word on whether the doctor has any relatives in the palm-reading business.

Chaos in Courtroom When Bedbugs Spotted

Spectators at Manhattan Criminal Court panicked and fled on Tuesday when they saw bedbugs crawling up a defendant's neck. Responding to the chaos, court officials cleared three rows of seats and continued the proceedings. Twenty minutes later, the court was evacuated. Some of those present said they saw bugs jumping off the man, but no evidence of bedbugs was found after the room was cleared. Still, an exterminator was called in to spray that area of the courtroom.

Woman Trapped in Wall Mistaken for Ghost

A woman in Feidong, Anhui Province, China, took a shortcut through an alley that was so narrow she became stuck. She was there seven hours before help arrived, because passers-by said they assumed the wailing came from a ghost! Firefighters spent half an hour breaking through one of the walls to free her. 

Pitch Drop Experiment Drops

The longest-running scientific experiment in the world is a pitch drop experiment that began in Queensland, Australia, in 1927. The setup is basically putting pitch in a funnel and see if it drips out. The point is to prove that pitch is a viscous liquid that will flow, instead of a solid. The problem is that it takes years for a drop to actually drop, and has never been witnessed. A similar experiment was begun in 1944 at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland. Now, for the first time, a drop has been recorded! Scientists notice a drip forming several weeks ago, and set up a web cam to capture whatever happened. Then a week ago, a drop fell into a cup, and was captured on video! The Australian pitch drop has dripped eight times, but has never been witnessed or recorded.

Illegal Factory Also Contained Zoo

Police investigating reports of an unregistered factory in Moscow found a facility that made counterfeit name-brand clothing using undocumented Vietnamese workers who said they weren't allowed to leave the building. And humans weren't the only prisoners.

The police also found “cages containing wild animals: a bear, ostriches and wild boars,” the statement said. The factory residents told the police that the animals had been bought from a circus.

The undocumented workers will be deported, but the fate of the animals has not been determined.

No Shorts Allowed

Whitchurch High School in Cardiff, Wales, does not allow students to wear shorts. Male students normally wear trousers, and females may wear uniform skirts. During the recent heat, a group of teenage male students organized a protest against the rule. One morning, 17 students who arrived at school in trousers changed into borrowed skirts. They were inspired by a similar protest by Swedish train employees who got their company's no-shorts policy changed after a few days of wearing skirts. However, the students were marched into the headmaster's office and given a stern talking-to. No one was punished, and it remains unclear whether the dress policy will be changed.