Now You Can Binge-Watch Apple Support Videos on YouTube

Jake Rossen
iStock / iStock

For the past decade, Apple has ranked at or near the top of the Consumer Reports list of the most consumer-friendly personal computer manufacturers, with employees at Apple retail stores often cited for their knowledge and ability to answer questions. (There is usually no guarantee of the latter in most manufacturers' tech support.)

Now, the company has launched a YouTube channel, Apple Support, with an eye on making the end-user experience even easier. The channel's videos take roughly two minutes each to explain features of the iPhone or iPad, from taking a screenshot to how to leave a group conversation. The move is a nod to the consistent popularity of online how-to videos, which consumers often turn to instead of written instructions because the videos can provide more clarity on an issue in less time.

Apple Support currently has 10 videos devoted to iPhone and iPad features. The company's main YouTube channel, which features how-to videos and promotional material for their entire platform of products, is still active.

[h/t 9to5Mac]