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Last Week's Top Stories (Plus a Request!)

Jason English
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In case you weren't obsessively refreshing all week, here's what you missed.

1. 10 Lifehacks from 100 Years Ago, by Therese Oneill

2. 6 Alternative Dictionaries Every Bookshelf Needs, by Chris Stokel-Walker

3. 24 Words That Used to Mean Something Negative, by Lucas Reilly

4. 13 Iconic Characters Reimagined in Different Eras, by Jill Harness

5. 39 Hidden Mickeys in Disney Animated Movies, by Rudie Obias

6. What's the Difference Between Britain and England?, by Chris Stokel-Walker

7. 12 Strange-But-Real Ice Cream Flavors, by Jennifer M. Wood

8. 10 Quotes from Queen Victoria on the Miseries of Royal Motherhood, by Therese Oneill

9. 10 of the Most Fun Photo Projects on the Web, by Amanda Green

10. How 5 Carnival Games Are Easily Fixed, by Erik van Rheenen

Oh! If you're still reading, I need a silly favor. I use the same stock image of a trophy every week. I would much rather use pictures of real trophies that you guys send in. Whether it's just a cool looking trophy you won or something bizarre you've kept all these years (Outstanding Participation, 1988 Youth Bowling), email me a photo and maybe we'll start mixing up the main image. I'm or @EnglishJason on Twitter.