The Man Behind the Muppet

Well, not behind. Under the Muppet, I guess. In either case these behind-the-scenes Muppet pictures are pretty cool to look at, even if they do break the illusion.


You Can Build A Time Machine

With one of these cool new Lego Back to the Future kits.


If You Like That...

You’ll love this Lego art show in New York.


The Aliens Are Coming...

And they’re computers. As the theoretical physicist Paul Davies explains:

"If we ever encounter extraterrestrial intelligence, I believe it is overwhelmingly likely to be post-biological in nature."


I Don’t Think We’re In Oz Anymore

The Warriors of Oz will take place in a much different land than the one Dorothy visited.


Want S’more?

The cast of The Sandlot got together recently on their old field. I wonder if The Beast was there.


A Lost Interview with Castro

It's from 1959. A tidbit: "If this Revolution falls, what we will have here in Cuba is a hell. Hell itself."


What Is A Bad Story?

In honor of Alex Trebek’s birthday yesterday, feel free to follow Jeopardy Tales on Twitter to see the contestant interview captured in all of its beautiful mundanity.