This One Goes to 30

Spinal Tap is turning 30 soon and the band might be getting back together.


Have Fun On the Clock

Making your 9-to-5 a super exciting place to be is not easy, but you can certainly be having more fun than you are right now.


The Quest For Human Immortality

Is it possible that human beings could live forever?


Leave It to the Pros

A lot of people have dreamed of being an athlete, only a few actually make it. The rest of us should learn to let the dream go. (Via TruTV)


Comic-Con Cosplay For the Masses

Check out these Comic-Con costumes that you’ll recognize and appreciate even if you can’t name the 11th Sith master that ever piloted the Enterprise with Frodo through the Twelve Colonies of Kobol.


Abandoned China

These desolate destinations in China were originally intended for lots of people.


We’ve All Been There

We’ve all been on a plane and had the person next to us fall asleep. We just might not have had them fall asleep on us like this. And we might not have filmed it.