The Paris Photographer Who Matches People to Paintings

Jake Rossen
Courtesy of Stefan Draschan
Courtesy of Stefan Draschan / Courtesy of Stefan Draschan

Some art gallery visitors may not realize it, but Stefan Draschan is looking to make them part of a future exhibition. A Paris-based photographer, Draschan’s long-running project, "People Matching Artworks," compiles images of admirers who in some way resemble the art at which they’re gazing. Take a look:

It’s not by arrangement, either. Draschan usually sets up his camera near a painting he feels may stand a good chance of mimicking the attire or hairstyle of a gallery attendee. Then he looks for someone who might be a fit and hopes they’ll eventually find their way into his composition. The result is an often-curious pairing that provokes questions over whether people seek out art with colors or elements they’re drawn to in their day-to-day lives.

Draschan has another series, "People Touching Artworks," that captures moments of physical contact between subject and art.

Draschan is also captivated by people who are lulled into somnolence by museums, capturing images of people sleeping while awash in culture.

You can view more of Draschan’s work on his site.

All images are courtesy of Stefan Draschan.

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