C'mon, You Didn’t Read That

You may own it and have it sitting prominently on a bookshelf, but you probably didn’t read it.


Let’s Slow Things Down A Bit

Because they become amazing.


I Am Jack’s Illustrated Sequel

Chuck Palahniuk is creating a follow-up to Fight Club, and he’s doing it as a graphic novel.


I Hope the Elves Can Swim

The North Pole has melted.


Now I Know You Love Me

From now on I’ll know that anyone that makes a nasty comment on The Missing Links are really just the biggest fans. A recent study reveals that the most unlikely of people leave the nastiest online comments.


Dwell On Death

You’ll be hilarious.


Go Directly to Jail

Whoever decided to change Monopoly in this way should not collect $200 (or whatever they’re paid). They should just go straight to the clink themselves.