Take That, Mother Nature

The Norwegian town of Rjukan is planning for a 5-month long winter of darkness by amassing a giant contraption that will bounce sunlight off of several gigantic mirrors to light up a tiny portion of the town square.


The Unwritten Rules Have Been Filmed

So don’t say you didn’t know about them.


The Simpsons Pay Homage

The residents of Springfield (State Unknown) pay tribute quite a bit to Tinseltown. Check out every movie reference from the first five seasons of The Simpsons.


The Only Thing Better Than Winning...

Is the dancing.


Gone But Not Forgotten

The deaths of these famous musicians become all the more notable when they vanish from their own album covers.


The Worst Resumes Ever

Some of these horrific resumes contain NSFW language because, well, they’re the worst resumes ever.


Ditch the Keyboard

There is still a place for handwriting in the computer age.