The King of Pop & Queen

A few songs recorded decades ago by Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury will soon be released.


The Ad-Free City

Sao Paulo is a massive city filled with more than 11 million people, so you’d think it would be swarming with product advertisements, billboards, and company signs. However, those are all illegal.


The End of Peanut Butter Knuckles

This peanut butter container needs to be on grocery store shelves pronto. Too long has the human race fallen victim to the plight of the almost-empty jar.


Sixty Seconds On the Web

The World Wide Interweb accomplishes a lot in a single minute. I’ve seen that YouTube statistic several times and it completely blows my mind every time.


Get Some R&R

Just make sure the “Rest” you’re getting isn’t the “Rest In Peace” kind.


Get With the Program

Check out this rundown of the Top 10 Most Influential Software Programs of all time. Hey, where is OT?


Thoughts on Ant Combat

“There was never a good ant war, or a bad ant peace.” - BenjaminANT FranklANT