Watch a Man Build a Casket

Chris Higgins

Marcus Daly started making wood caskets when a tragedy struck his family. Since then he founded Vashon Island Coffin Company, a Washington company devoted to the craft of casket making from wood. Daly chooses wood for both practical and environmental reasons, and he makes everything by hand.

In this short film, we see Daly make a casket, and explain his process in just three minutes. For a peaceful moment, have a look. This is not a job most of us will see in our day-to-day lives.

Sample quote: "To build an entire casket takes me about 25 hours. Mostly what I do is sand. I feel like I sand, and I sand, and I sand. I never feel like it's finished. But, then, I guess that's a fit thing, because I guess that's how we feel at the end of our lives too."

The film was made by Dan McComb, who maintains an excellent blog about the art of documentary filmmaking and photography.