New York's Most Secretive Museum

Jill Harness
Garrett Ziegler
Garrett Ziegler / Garrett Ziegler

It has no signs outside and is intentionally hard to find. No security guards protect the collection. It's only open on weekends, and when it's closed, unmarked, iron doors hide the 80 square foot space, leaving curious parties to peer through a series of viewing windows. It's New York's most secretive museum, and it's hidden inside a freight elevator.

The museum, cleverly titled Museum, features a strange, rotating collection of artwork, curiosities, found objects, and odd vintage items. Even the plaques labeling the items are minimalist, featuring no more than a unique identifying number. If you want to learn more about an item in the collection, you can call a toll-free hotline (888-763-8839) and enter the item number you are interested in.

For those who can't visit, a look at Garrett Ziegler's Flickr page can give you an idea of the fascinating collection housed in Museum, even if the items in display in the photos are no longer featured in the museum itself.

It may be a little strange, but that's what makes worth seeking out in a city filled with world-famous museums stacked with priceless antiquities and art.