Human Tetris, Pac-Man, and More

Chris Higgins
YouTube / notsonoisy
YouTube / notsonoisy / YouTube / notsonoisy

Artist Guillaume Reymond is a master of human stop-motion animation. For the project GAME OVER, he assembled large groups of volunteer "pixels" (read: people in colored shirts) in auditoriums, sat them in specific seats on the grid of seats, then carefully choreographed their movements to re-create classic video games. He makes the game's sound effects by making beeps and bloops into a mic. It's amazing, trust me.

Human Tetris

I'm impressed by two things here: first, there's a human "Next" box in the upper right; and second, the game speeds up as lines are cleared.

Human Pac-Man

Crazily ambitious, particularly the cutscenes.

Human Space Invaders

My favorite part: sound effects when the UFO appears.

Human Pole Position

Yep, they can even do a driving game.

Human Pong

This was the first attempt at the form. Pong is perhaps the least exciting game here, but the "meeps" make it work.