The Puns Are Intended In These Prints!

Jamie Spatola

Colorful peppermints take on Andy Warhol’s pop art style: Candy Warhol.

Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” becomes a similarly starry scene but with a yellow van in the foreground: Van Go.

Edvard Munch’s “The Scream” loses the original ghostly figure but the bridge is repopulated with members of the Wizard of Oz’s Lollipop Guild: Munchkins.

We fell in love with Kate’s sense of humor and talent when we first saw these prints and, once we introduced ourselves to her, we found new things to like about her pretty much every day.

She is an artist, blogger and fashionista. She is a lover of grapefruit juice, Kurt Vonnegut, and The Office.  She uses adverbs uncontrollably and, when she travels, she turns the trunk of her car into the most functional and adorable office on wheels we’ve ever seen.

Kate’s PunsIntended paintings are just one of many outlets for her creative brilliance, just a small part of the imaginative, clever and happy footprint she is making in this world—a footprint that we imagine is being made with a super-cute vintage Mary Jane.

Your Walls Should Be Smarter and we’re thrilled to have three of Kate’s punny masterpiece prints available in our online store as some of this month’s Floss:Handmade featured products.