The Weird Week in Review

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The Edelweiss Restaurant
The Edelweiss Restaurant / The Edelweiss Restaurant

Bear Steals Dumpster -Twice

You often hear of bears taking things from dumpsters, but this one just took the whole thing! The Edelweiss Restaurant in Colorado Springs had a security camera trained on the back alley, and Tuesday night they caught the bear in action. Reaching to the top of the dumpster, the bear backs up and takes the entire unit away. There is no information on where the dumpster was found, but the restaurant posted an update on Facebook in which you see the bear returning for more German food on Wednesday night.

Rare Six-legged Octopus Found, Eaten

Labros Hydras of Washington, D.C. was vacationing in Greece when he caught an octopus. It only had six legs -not because of injury, but because it was a "hexapus," which only grew six legs. Such an octopus is so rare that only one other specimen has ever been documented. Hydras did not know that when he killed the octopus and took it to a taverna to have it cooked.

The chef refused to cook it for him because it was so rare and told Labros he should have let the octopus live.

But the hungry father-of-two went and fried it for his supper anyway and served it up with a slice of tomato, lemon and a solitary salad leaf.

After finishing it off he decided to check out what the chef had said – and felt sick when he realised what he had done.

No-one had ever heard of a six-legged hexapus until five years ago when one nicknamed Henry was found off the North Wales coast.

Hydras then took photographs to Greek scientists to help document the hexapus. Scientists say it is not a new species, but a rare yet natural anomaly.

Georgia Family Finds Giant Kentucky Fried Chicken Bucket in Yard

Aleena Headrick of Waynesboro, Georgia, arrived home a week ago Thursday to find a seven-foot-tall Kentucky Fried Chicken bucket in her front yard! Having no clue where it came from, she took a picture and posted it on Facebook, where it went viral. The mystery was cleared up later when Headrick's landlord admitted he bought the bucket and left it on the property. He plans to permanently display the bucket there, which is at least forty years old -obviously, because it spells the company name out instead of using the acronym KFC. The local KFC, glad for the publicity, has offered to cater a picnic for Headrick's family and friends.

Smuggled Turtle Hidden in Hamburger

A Chinese man going through airport security in Ghuangzhou was stopped because officials noticed something unusual in the fast food bag going through an x-ray machine. When they repeatedly asked Mr. Li to show them his KFC hamburger (which actually exists in China), he finally relented and opened the bun. Inside was a live turtle! It was not believed to be a case of animal trafficking, as Mr. Li was only traveling to Beijing. He said he just wanted his beloved pet to travel with him. After airport staff explained flight policies, Mr. Li made arrangements for a friend to take care of his turtle while he was gone.

Falling Dentures Revealed Drug Smuggler at Jailhouse Wedding

Brita Lee West was going to marry Willard Tinch at the Scott County Jail in Tennessee, where Tinch was incarcerated. Instead, she ended up in jail herself!

According to a report filed by the Scott County Sheriff’s Department, West inquired about being able to kiss her groom during the marital ceremony as she was being searched prior to entering the facility. Corrections Sgt. Tiffany Byrge reportedly noticed that West’s “false teeth kept falling down while she was talking and noticed a package in her mouth,” according to the report. The package turned out to be a gum wrapper containing two strips of suboxone — an addictive pain relief narcotic — and an amount of crystal methamphetamine.

More drugs were found in West's vehicle, and she was charged with several drug violations. The wedding was cancelled.

Stowaway Survived 3 Weeks Without Food or Water

An illegal immigrant from the Philippines who stowed away on a container ship will be allowed to stay in the United States. A female cat, later named Pinay, apparently wandered into a shipping container in Manila, which was loaded and crossed 6,400 miles to Los Angeles. The cat was found when the shipping container was opened, over three weeks later. Pinay was weak and dehydrated, and was taken to the Baldwin Park Animal Care Center. She was given intravenous fluids, and has improved to fair condition. The veterinary staff is amazed that she was able to survive so long without water or food. Pinay is now available to be adopted into a good home, preferably one that won't let her roam.