One Second in Every Nation

Chris Higgins
YouTube / Graham Hughes
YouTube / Graham Hughes / YouTube / Graham Hughes

Graham Hughes took on a rather impractical task: he set out to visit every nation in the world, without using air travel or private vehicles of any kind. (You might ask why? The short answer is, the no-air-travel thing had never been done before; and the private vehicles bit would disqualify him for a Guinness World Record™) He has completed the journey, and in this video presents one second in every nation (201 of them in all), plus 15 territories. And yes, we went to North Korea...briefly. While there's not much to see in just one second per location, it's amazing that this even happened. Behold, one man's ever-changing facial hair, traveling the world:

Hughes has a massive website documenting the journey. Some interesting stuff happened, including a week-long imprisonment in Congo. Hughes now holds the record for "The Most Countries Visited in One Year by Scheduled Ground Transport" -- and perhaps even most countries in one YouTube video. (For more, check out his YouTube channel.)