The Weird Historical Image Scavenger Hunt!

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Every day, one of us finds some bizarre historical photo and forwards it around the office. Actually, that's like half the day. We thought you guys might want to play, too.

Here's how we'll do it: You go find an amazing, puzzling, or otherwise intriguing photo, and leave a link in the comments. For example, I stumbled across the gem above in a recent search for a Monopoly picture. Original caption:

May 25, 1976 — Eight-year-old Mark Harman from London enjoying a game of Monopoly with his brother Graham and sister Belinda, from his bed of nails. Mark is being trained by world Champion Roy Singfield and spends two hours every other evening relaxing on his nail bed.

The Library of Congress and Getty Images are two great places to start.

What Are We Playing For?

Let's raise the stakes. $100 shopping spree in the mental_floss store! Two runners-up will take home mental_floss games. You can enter as many times as you like. Now go do us proud!