Well That’s Not Scary At All

Would you have enjoyed the movie Jaws if it had been named Polpin Rock instead? What about if it was named Peter Ginkel? Or Anthropophagus? I think they made the right choice


What Is Sensitivity Training?

After a very public recent scandal, Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Riley Cooper has been excused form team activities to attend sensitivity training. So, what exactly happens there?


Did We Need This?

We need computers for countless things in our lives. But, did we need a computer that writes sexist jokes? Researchers at the University of Edinburgh thought so.


The Future of Sports

It would be really cool if humans evolved to a point where our sports were just a bunch of people in shiny silver outfits running around gigantic stadiums firing lasers at each other. But, until we get there, these really cool and slightly more realistic innovations will have to do.


Or Maybe They’ll Just Fix This Problem

As the father of two boys, I am nervous about someday letting my son strap on a football helmet and walk out onto the gridiron; especially if his helmet says this on it.


August 6, 1945: Hiroshima

One of the darkest days in human history took place 68 years ago today. This site has some amazing photographs taken before and after the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima.


Wanna Make An Easy $17K?

Head over to the NASA Bedrest Facility for a few months. All you have to do is lie around. In fact, that’s all you’re allowed to do.