Vintage Smokey Bear

Erica Palan
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On this date in 1944, Smokey Bear's likeness was first released on posters designed by the United States Forest Service and the Wartime Advertising Council. Perhaps the world's strongest advocate against forest fires, Smokey's been featured in commercials, songs, books and other pop culture iconography over the decades. Here, six vintage Smokey PSAs.

Smokey the Bear Song, 1952

Eddy Arnold plays guitar and sings this song about Smokey.

The Forest Has Many Things, 1963

One of Smokey's early commercials gets the cartoon treatment.

Happily Ever After, 1968

As if Bambi wasn't sad enough ...

Careless Bears, 1970

A nice family watches as humans-dressed-as-bears picnic in their front yard.

America the Ugly, 1973

Poignant imagery in this commercial.

You Took the Words Right Out of My Mouth, 1979

Dummies! Get it?