Night Baseball at Wrigley

The first night game ever played at Chicago’s Wrigley Field took place 25-years ago yesterday. Here is a great video of Bill Murray joining legendary Cubs announcer Harry Caray during that game.

Also: A few years back Stacy Conradt put together this list of 10 interesting facts about Wrigley.


Up In Smoke

A very well-known media doctor has publically changed his position on marijuana.


Marty and Family: 30 Years Later

This post compares the makeup-aged looks of the Back to the Future cast with the actually-aged faces. Some of them have held up better than expected.


Game On

Check out these five fantastic classic video games you can play online.


Parkour Payouts

The popular street activity has turned into a big moneymaker.


Catch A Vine

This compilation of the best Vine clips of 2013 is highly entertaining.