11 Nerdy Toilet Seats

Shut Up and Take My Money
Shut Up and Take My Money / Shut Up and Take My Money

It’s official: geek décor has invaded the lavatories of nerds worldwide, with some wonderfully-creative sci-fi and fantasy-themed toilet seats cropping up on the net in recent years. Here are 11 of the most outlandish.

1. It’s A Crap!


Available for purchase on etsy.com (at the modest price of $12.99), this pun-derful lid satirizes the rebel alliance commander’s immortal observation in Return of the Jedi.

2. May the Force be With You


For the Star Wars fan with a comparatively dry sense of humor and/or unruly derriere, etsy also offers this somewhat subtler laser-printed model.

3. Eliminate and Destroy


Dr. Who fans needn’t climb into the nearest TARDIS to locate Dalek-themed toiletries: Amazon.co.uk offers cotton covers to appease the time lord’s insatiable fanciers.

4. Iron Throne

Shut Up and Take My Money

“You’ll be number one while you’re taking a number two” boasts the sales pitch for this sword-studded applique.

5. A Hogwarts Collage


Though the prospect of doing one’s business in full view of Albus Dumbledore’s penetrating gaze might not sound terribly appealing, demand for the product led to the creation of a Facebook page which currently boasts 1,711 “likes."

6. Holy Indoor Plumbing, Batman!


The Dark Knight’s somber persona wasn’t enough to prevent at least one toilet seat artist from conjuring up this garish cover.

7. “One does not simply pee on the seat.”


Boromir’s face isn’t just for one-note memes anymore… among the more intricate entries on this list is the handiwork of one Shannon Oglesby, as part of her hand-painted “Pimp Your Pooper” project.

8. Magical Defecation


While not strictly “nerdy," this Disney Princess-themed toilet-training seat comes with a rather questionable caption.

9. Super Smash Brothers


Mario seems a bit flushed after his latest adventure.

10. Undead plumbing

Party City

Given this zombie’s facial expression, one might actually be tempted to leave the toilet seat up permanently.

11.  A dangerous enterprise

Who Buys These Things

As the author of this page suggests, anyone who wasn’t immediately thinking up a “To Boldly Go” pun upon seeing this thing has a purer mind than I.