These fans spin in style.

1. Gyro fan

Photo courtesy of Farrey's

This isn't your great-great-grandmother's fan, but it looks like it could be.

2. Dervish Lamp

Photo courtesy of Philippe Malouin Design

Designer Philippe Malouin's fan-spiration: the brushes at a carwash.

3. Pinwheel fan

Photo courtesy of

It's a pinwheel on steroids!

4. Ribbon fan

Photo courtesy of via Gizmag

Because keeping cool's a modern art.

5. Helicopter fan

Photo courtesy of Design You Trust

Get to the choppa!

6. Cirque fan

Photo courtesy of YLighting 

When a starburst mirror and a ceiling fan love each other very much...

7. Enigma fan

Photo courtesy of Fanimation

The real enigma: Is this supposed to remind me of the Grim Reaper?

8. Moooi Mistral fan

Photo courtesy of

Interior designers are notorious for hating ceiling fans. But if you can't beat 'em, hide 'em!

9. Chandelier fan

Photo courtesy of Houzz

I shall call it ... The Fandelier!

10. Windmill fan

Photo courtesy of Barnwood & Birch

Get wind of this.

11. Octopus fan

 Octopus Fan
Photo courtesy of Starr Hoffman on Flickr

Here's one to DIY: Paint your own ceiling creature.