Adam Savage Examines Stuff Under a Microscope

Chris Higgins
YouTube / Tested
YouTube / Tested / YouTube / Tested

Mythbuster (and propmaster, problem solver, hat enthusiast, and educator) Adam Savage got his hands on a new microscope. So he and his colleague Will put a bunch of things under the 'scope to see what they can see. The whole thing is shot using a digital camera mounted atop the microscope.

There are many things to like about this video. Among them: seeing kiwi seeds up close, flower veins, autofocus problems, dirt on the lens, Will's face, and seeing Adam's impressively scarred fingerprints. But most of all, I think this would be a great way to spend an afternoon -- I've got tons of stuff I want to put under a microscope! Who's with me?

Warning: around the 9-minute mark, Adam puts his fingers under the scope. If you're not a fan of a working man's fingernails (and scrapes),'ve been warned.

My favorite line: "This is also one of the defining phrases of science: 'This is less cool than I thought it would be.'" Except, weirdly, it is exactly as cool as I thought it would be.

(Via Tested, which is a must-read site/must-view YouTube channel.)