Queen Elizabeth and Her Royal Clan Are Getting the Funko Treatment

Funko / Funko

Though she’s already Queen of the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, and Britain’s longest-reigning monarch, Elizabeth II is about to be recognized with what might be the highest ranking honor in American pop culture: In March, she’ll be immortalized in a special line of Funko POP! Royal dolls.

The Queen will be instantly recognizable in her brightly colored and monochromatic dress suit and hat, plus her sensible shoes and handbag, with a beloved Corgi by her side. But she’s not the only Royal Family member being turned into a fun desk accessory: Her son, Prince Charles, and grandsons, Princes William and Harry, will also get the Funko treatment. So will William’s always-stylish wife, Princess Kate.

Princess Diana, who passed away 20 years ago, will get not one but two different dolls: one wearing a black dress and a second one wearing red, which will be a chase piece (read: it’ll be hard to find).

Noticeably absent from the Funko family? The Queen’s husband of 70 years, Prince Philip. (Harry’s bride-to-be, actress Meghan Markle, is not in the lineup either, but since she’s yet to be officially brought into the family, who knows what the future will hold.)