When Videos Mattered

The 1980s were the golden age of music videos. Check out the videos that best capture the essence of that decade, complete with metal hair, leg warmers, and Chevy Chase.


The World: The Chart

This chart captures the last 4000 years of Earth history.


No Mountain Required

If you have enough money you can build your own mountain anywhere you want. This man chose to build one on top of a high-rise apartment building—without asking for permission.


I Hope You’re Thirsty

An L.A. eatery will soon feature a 45-page drink list made up of nothing but water options. The restaurant also has a “water sommelier”.


Does A No-Show Mean No Show?

Not if you’re Stephen Colbert. This video will make you exceedingly happy.


Home Is Where the Terror Is

These are (or were) the scariest homes in America.


“They Have A Dog?!?!?”

What if the characters in a '90s kids movie became self-aware?