15 Minutes of ColecoVision Games

Chris Higgins
YouTube / SpaceWars2025
YouTube / SpaceWars2025 / YouTube / SpaceWars2025

In 1982, the ColecoVision console brought true arcade-quality action to the home. As a kid, I remember playing Burger Time and Donkey Kong (the latter came bundled with the console) at a lucky friend's house. It was pretty snazzy at the time, and compared to earlier consoles like the Atari 2600, it was a revelation.

An enterprising YouTuber has put together a surprisingly complete visual history of ColecoVision games, showing a few seconds of gameplay in each. While he claims it's "all" the games, YouTube commenters have been pointing out the various missed (and mislabeled) games in the bunch. In any case, here's fifteen minutes of pure, uncut nostalgia:

My favorite moment? At 4:24, the Dukes of Hazzard game (misspelled in the video) shows a text warning: "IT'S BOSS HOGG!" Oh man. You can't get much more '80s than a Boss Hogg reference on a ColecoVision.