What’s With the Shoes?

Have you ever wondered why there's a pair of shoes hanging from the telephone wires? Check out the documentary The Mystery of Flying Kicks.


After You Come On Down

What happens after you appear on The Price Is Right?


The Web (Circa 1997)

This family-friendly 90s introduction to the internet is packed with beautifully-stilted acting and really wonderfully-unbelieveable dialog. Plus, the beginning of the video tells you to adjust the “tracking” on your VCR.


The Web (Circa Now)

So it’s come to this. The kids in the video above never would have guessed the internet would one day house weirdo material like this.


Need Something?

Act like a Kindly Brontosaurus.


He’s Kind of A Big Deal

People know him. Everyone’s favorite mustachioed anchorman is writing an autobiography.


Not Kids Stuff

Cartoons are commonly created for children, but these banned toons certainly were not.