Happy Birthday, Steve Martin!

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Today, Steve Martin turns 68. He's currently on tour, performing music and occasionally having a very stupid conversation. To celebrate his 68th, let's look back at some of my favorite Steve Martin moments. (Note: my favorite moments may not be yours -- share yours in the comments!)

The Jerk, "Do you have a balloon?"

I swear, I think about the phrase "do you have a balloon?" several times a day. Bummer that this one ends before you see the wine dispenser.

The Jerk, "Tonight You Belong to Me"

I still think this is the sweetest song ever.

The Tonight Show, 1978

Martin cracks up Johnny Carson.

King Tut, Live, 1979

You don't need a whole SNL production to make this work.

The Muppet Show, Banjo Excellence

Everybody knows Steve Martin is an accomplished banjo player. Except the kid version of me who had only seen The Jerk and stuff. This blew my friggin' mind.

"Excuse Me"

"I'm trying to do a good show, you paid the money to get in, and you can't see one!"

The Tonight Show, 1992

There's just no limit to what The Great Flydini can produce from his fly.

LA Story, Modern Art

There are many things in LA Story that deserve inclusion. Here's just one.